Monday, March 9, 2015


In January, Reid started Soccer Palz at LHCCEC.  Once a week, Coach Kyle comes to school for a 30-45 minute soccer class.  Reid was first eligible (based on age) last August, but the day and time conflicted with his weekly swim lessons.  

This marks our first ever attempt at a team sport, and it's perfect timing because in April, he starts on his first official soccer team.  

He's participating in the Lake Highlands Soccer Association, and his team is the Shooting Stars.  We're lucky enough to have our first coach be a wonderful neighborhood acquaintance and now friend (in Wallace Elementary's district) named Coach Brian.  

Reid and Kai (our behind the alley neighbor) are the only two newbies on this team.  It's somewhat refreshing to me that most of the kids on the team have a year under their belt.  Better for Reid to learn by!  Either that, or at least there will only be one or two boys picking flowers during the games.  ;)

Actually, dad's been practicing with Reid, and he's quickly becoming a good lil' dribbler (or so his mommy thinks!).

In preparation of the upcoming spring soccer season, we headed to Academy to pick up a few essentials.

Shin guards of course!
 Getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we?
 Soccer cleats
 Reid's moral support
 And our comic relief!

 More moral support

 Jack & Hunter loved this sweet lady we met while waiting for big brother to return from the restroom (and she ADORED them)!

 Go Shooting Stars!!!


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