Monday, August 17, 2015

Whetstone Family Reunion 2015

The first weekend of June we headed south to New Braunfels for the 3rd Annual Whetstone Family Reunion

This was the Andersen's 2nd year to attend, and Aunt Jamye's 1st year.  We were sad that Uncle Brent couldn't be with us, but he was definitely with us in spirit (and even once via FaceTime!).

The boys couldn't wait to pick up Aunt Jamye from the airport!

This was their first discovery when we walked in the clubhouse.

Catching up with their feminine sides....

My little builder....Hunter loves to build and stack just about anything he can get his hands on.
Including Whataburger condiments.

Guess who showed up to the family reunion? Captain America and Elsa! 
(Somehow I didn't get any pics of Elsa)

This is pretty much all this boy wanted to do all weekend.
What's that, Jack? Do you have something to say because WE CAN'T HEAR YOU?!?!

"Jamye" for the WIN! :)

Helping Uncle Tony put away the tables.
At least Reid was cooperating.

Homeward bound!


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