Sunday, June 5, 2016

April's Highlight Reel

 The boys looove going to the Meierhofer house, and I can't imagine why?!?!

 Reid's very first T-ball team is the Tampa Bay Rays.  Mommy couldn't be happier with the color choice!

 The Hard Rock Hotel - Riviera Maya
 These three made a big dent in Delta's success last year. Such a great company to put your heart and soul into!
 FaceTiming with mommy and daddy. Don't they look thrilled?!?

 (Partial) Team dinner on the last night.
 Mexican gifts!

 He was smitten!

 Baseball ready!

 Like big brother, like little brother

 Reid doesn't mind the long drive to CC because it means he gets to stay up "when it's dark!"

 The drive from HEB to the house was FAR too long to wait for their milk fix!

 This one is good for some brotherly entertainment.


 Dad and his championship teammates
 Can you tell from the looks on their faces that this was their FIRST EVER McDonald's Happy Meal?!?! How did they even know to be happy about this? Ha!

 Reid did GREAT this season sans the emotional meltdowns that occurred anytime the other team scored.  #competitivemuch


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