Friday, June 17, 2016

May's Highlight Reel

Pre-bedtime dance party.

Today's theme: Robot Dance!
Post t-ball practice playground fun! It was team picture day hence the uniform.

 Muffins with Mom

 Birthday party invitations have officially begun now that the twin-littles' classmates are starting to turn 3. The boys love being invited to their friends' parties.

Mother's Day brunch at Mariano's
The boys love when JoJo does her Grover impression!
 Reid provided the entertainment for Baby Eli.
 Jack has mastered the art of the fake sad face. That lip!
"But I don't want to sit with the BIG bear, mom!"

We captured one Mother's Day picture all together...just minutes before the day was over!
 Believe it or not, they were with DAD at the grocery store. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess!

 Yep. This is what happens when you visit an all-girl house!

 Visit from Grammie!
The boys donning their dad's high school football jerseys.
 Sweet Jack found his daddy!

This was their last night as 2 year olds. As you can see, turning 3 is hard work!
 Practice makes perfect!

 Bedtime reading with Cousin Gabe.

 Dad under attack and all before 8am.
 Magnatiles with Mimi.

 Those ants didn't stand a fighting chance.
 Memorial Day

 Snug as a bug!
 Pediatric well visits have gotten increasingly easier with these two.

 End of the school year TOT (Teams of Tomorrow) performance. Mom didn't realize that even the brand new TOT kids (aka. Jack and Hunter) would be participating as well. Hence the lack of uniformity in the little green guy. Didn't phase him though!
Hunter and Reid love performing. Jack on the other hand...let's just say we're going to have to work on his stage presence (and no photos of him because he was clinging for dear life to my leg).

 Oh the agony when the opposing team scores!


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