Monday, December 26, 2016

August's Highlight Reel

Pirate Day at LHCCEC
The Young Scholars' Pre-K class hosted an "Evening with the Stars" in honor of the teachers at LHCCEC. The majority of these kids attended this school since they were born, so it seemed only fitting to honor all the teachers who have had an important hand in their upbringing (Reid started here at age 2).

Excited to get Mr. Conner's autograph!
The Hosts and Hostesses
These boys!

Celebrating Parker's 5th birthday at Obstacle Warriers
Our lawn littles hard at work.
Enjoying our front yard!

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of our "new" china cabinet.  Thank you Poppy & Jo Anne for passing down such a beautiful and timeless piece for our family to enjoy.

Of course, they just had to lend a hand....
Stop, drop and read...even in the bathroom!
Jack was so proud of his big brother's performance in the LHCCEC circus. Hunter, on the other hand,  wanted nothing to do with this clown character that looked strangely like someone he knew.

Last official day of Pre-K at LHCCEC
In his happy place....
Reid's back to school gift for his new Kinder teacher.
Scofield Christian School
August 22, 2016
Ready or not, here he comes!

The end of the month marked the beginning of the twin-littles' journey into the world of soccer.
This one's a natural!
Didn't come as naturally for this one, but he progressed ten-fold by the end of the season.

Definitely less crying than was witnessed during their big brother's 3 year old soccer games.
Go Paw Patrol!
The best part!

Jack started Small Talk (speech therapy) at Lake Highlands Elementary School every Tuesday and Thursday morning. His buddy, Ryan, goes as well.
They get to take a short ride together from LHCCEC to LH Elementary on a big boy bus!
Random reminder of this kids' love for salsa.
We celebrated Baby Eli's Baptism at First United Methodist Church in Richardson with the Powell Family.

Failed attempt at a group photo with the Great Grands during the after party.
The Young Scholars' last day together at LHCCEC
Reid's Pre-K teacher, Ms. Cheena


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