Saturday, December 31, 2016

September's Highlight Reel

Lots of friends' birthdays in September

 Bi-annual trip to Dr. Garza's office for this guy 
(mom's not brave enough to take all 3 at once yet)

 Mom's anxiety level went way up when this kid became fixated on the neighboring football practice. 
 My aspiring goalkeeper
 Daddy's lil' helpers
 Mommy's clean freaks (swoon!)
 On the heels of church and Sunday school....there's this!
 Cheers to another beautiful day relaxing in our front yard.
 The Littles had their very first trip to see Dr. Garza in September.
 They rocked it!

 They were so proud of each other!
 My birthday morning...I'm one blessed (and grateful!) mommy!
 40's not so bad when you have wonderful friends!
 Surprise guests to our celebration at Tei Tei

 This reminds me of all the pictures I have of me in my Grandmother Hope's BIG sunglasses!

 Private school State Fair of Texas Day


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