Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Slade!

Reid attended his 2nd {kid's} birthday party this weekend.  Ironically, his first ever birthday party was a pool party when Slade's big sister Liz turned 4!  Brandy was definitely in party planner mode for this one.  Slade's 2nd birthday party was Cars themed.  So fun!

birthday boy in all his glory
sweet RoryCate hugging her big brother, John

These three are so sweet with Reid.  I love how Liz tells Slade to "let Baby Reid play with it now."  There's just something about the way she says "Baby Reid" in her softest, sweetest voice.
Alise & her magnificent curls


love is in the details
ready to make a move
showing off his Cars shoes
Reid thought all of Slade's cars & trucks were fun.  Not sure we're ready for truck toys in our house yet.  I'm Reid's still enjoying all his baby toys.  :)
waiting patiently for his cake

All the party guests also waiting patiently for the cake...
...and ice cream!
smooches for his future babysitter
"Show me those toofers!"

my little prince 
{pay no attention to the girls in gowns on his crown}


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Grandma DeeDee said...

What a social butterfly he is becoming, and he looks great in the princess hat too. Hope he got some birthday cake this time. Hugs and Kisses.