Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Eight Months!

The Reid Report:
  • At eight months I've eaten: avocado, peas, carrots, butternut squash, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, blueberries, mangos, pears, apples, chicken, turkey and puffs {boy does the boy love his puffs}
  • I have two toofers!
  • I'm army crawling all over the place now!
  • I'm passing items from one hand to the other (and back).
  • I love to play with other babies my age.  
  • Hudson makes me laugh harder than anyone or anything else!
  • I'm happy 90% of the time even when I'm sick.
  • I'm sleeping through the night very consistently unless my toofers are hurting me.  Then mommy or daddy has to come in with a pacifier once or twice during the night to help me feel better.
  • I'm learning to hug, and I'm definitely turning into a snuggle bunny.
  • I'm happy to report that I convinced mom and dad to enroll me in my first session of Waterbabies!  I go every Monday evening for 6 months (through June).  I was happy that Dad was able to get off a little early to attend {and photograph/video} my very first swim class.  I'd like them to get more video footage of me at least once a month {to track my superb skills}, but since mom has to be in the pool with me & dad has to work, that may be a little difficult to accomplish...unless...hmmm...I wonder...{hint, hint}.  :)
  • I weigh a whopping 19 lbs 11 oz.  We know this for sure because I had to go to the doctor on my 8 month birthday (& Valentine's Day nonetheless).  Dr. L confirmed I have my second ear infection (left side again & right side was too clogged to tell...again).  She reassured mommy that it's simply an anatomy issue.  Big people's ear canals angle downward to allow gravity to do its job, but little people's ear canals {that's me} are more horizontal so ear gunk gets trapped in there.  Then lo and behold an infection appears!  Don't worry though, I may be on antibiotics & probiotics again, but I'm still happy as a lark.
This is me...happy...and still making my cute bird sounds!

Gone are the days when I can sit Reid and his bear side by side for a photo op.  This was the only picture with the bear in an upright, seated position.

 "Geez, I wish my mom would trim my fingernails!"

"Don't you think I look like my dad when I smile big like this?"
 Watching his pups
 "I really do have the cutest toes ever!"

 "Who?  Me?"

 I laid Reid in his crib to try to get a comparison picture of his size in relation to his crib, but he was having none of it.  I couldn't get him to stay still for one second.  I think he was intrigued by all the fun stuff.  Normally, when he's in his crib, it's dark in his room.
 My little man...happy 8 months my love!  Your daddy & I love you to the moon & back.  



Hope said...

Happy eight months my sweet, sweet valentine! I love, love you ! Nana

Grandma DeeDee said...

What a handsome young eight month old. By looking at these cute pics you couldn't even tell he has an ear infection. Can't wait to get one of those special Reid hugs and snuggles. Hugs and Kisses.