Monday, February 13, 2012

Reid the Waterbaby

We had our first Waterbabies swim class today. Mom, dad & our little fish had a blast!

 Although we think it's adorable when Reid puts his hands behind his head, Jeff and I think we've figured out the true meaning behind it.  We like to say "he's relaxing" when in reality we think it's actually his body language for one or a combination of the following emotions:  anxious/nervous/uneasy/scared. 
Nevertheless, it's still cute!

He only had one real crying episode
but the pink crab made it all better

He kept looking to the side of the pool and smiling at his dad.

Craning his neck to see dad again.  Melted my heart every time!

Fun video coming soon....



Anonymous said...

What a hunk, and such a good warrior. He just wanted to check with Dad to make sure he was doing it right, (it's a guy thing). So proud of you Reid, can't wait to see you swimming and jumping off the diving board with Dad (although I'm sure Mom can) Hugs and Kisses

Chance and Kristi Wimberly said...

Love it! Where are you taking lessons? We need to do that!