Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Fun

Reid's 1st IHOP breakfast
Getting ready for some fun in the sun 
(while daddy works in the yard)
Heading out
See the red & blue bottle cap on the water bottle?  It has crosshairs similar to a Powerade bottle, so kids can drink from bottles like this {or gatorade, juice, etc} without making a huge mess.  

Well, Reid couldn't quite muster up enough suction to make the water come out, so mom decided to squeeze the bottle a bit to help out {don't worry...I tried it on myself 1st}. I angled it into his cheek, and gave it a squeeze!  He was a bit stunned at first, but after a second or two, he thought it was the funniest thing ever {see below photo}.
Right after the water squirt
 Poppy & GG Jo Anne gave Reid his 1st Radio Flyer for Christmas.  He used it for the 1st time today, and the boy is in love.!! 

Notice the Boogie wipes in his hands?  Despite the fact that we brought toys along, all he wanted to play with was the package of wipes or the water bottle.

 Happy Sunday everyone!


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Grandma DeeDee said...

A Sunday couldn't hardly get any better! It just makes my heart soar to see that wonderful smile. Hope Reid got to try some blueberry pancakes at IHOP. Happy Sunday to ya'll also. Hugs and Kisses.