Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas in Arlington

We celebrated Christmas in Arlington with the Andersen Family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

One of Reid's favorite pastimes
He liked the adorable teddy bear that Poppy & Jo Anne got for his baby brothers
Grammie & her new owl
Jo Anne & Poppy with Dad & Reid

Reid did a great job of playing Santa.  He delivered the gifts to all the right people.
Here's one for Uncle Travis.
Happy daddy unrolling his loot from Grammie!
Another one of Reid's favorite pastimes.  
"I'll just stand by the front door and see who I can sucker into taking me outside this time...."

The boy wasn't going to let the Christmas celebration interrupt his snack time.
He liked the pretty package from Aunt Amy & Uncle Travis, and he liked the Madagascar DVD that was inside...
...but he did not like the colorful wig that came with it!
Checking to make sure it's his size
Delivering one to grandma
And helping her unwrap it!

We had a fabulous Christmas in Arlington!  We were sad to have to leave a little earlier than we expected on Christmas Day as a major storm was blowing through.

Here's what our house looked like upon our arrival back to Dallas.  We ended up getting 2" that day.  

What a wonderfully white Christmas we had!


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Grandma DeeDee said...

Looks like Reid (and the whole family) had a fun time (except for maybe the wig). I'm so glad your close to family and such love. We are so truly blessed. Hugs and Kisses.