Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year's Eve

We returned home from Corpus on December 30th which gave us two days at home to recoup and to get back to our normal routine.  

As I sit here and type the word "normal," I laugh to myself thinking about how our "normal" will be long gone in just a few short months.  Oh how peaceful these days will seem in hindsight!

Jeff and I had illusions of a quiet, relaxing two days at home with Reid, but little did we know it wouldn't start out that way.

Although he was only showing one real symptom (an awful, lingering cough), we decided to brave the pediatrician's office on NYE morning.  The thought of having to wait an extra two days if something was really wrong did not sit well with me, and the thought of having to go to the ER or emergency clinic is at the bottom of my list of preferences as well.  

Little did we know that everyone wanted to get into the pediatrician's office on NYE!   
1) sick season 2) it was a Monday and 3) it was the day before a holiday when the office would be closed.  

Even though I called at 7:00am (as soon as the phone lines opened) on Monday morning AND we arrived 15 minutes before our scheduled appointment time of 8:15am, the waiting room was PACKED!  I mean - - packed (and it's a decent sized waiting room).  

Despite the fact that we were there from 8:00am until 11:00am that morning, I was so thankful we went.  

Dr. D diagnosed Reid with RSV - a very common respiratory virus that causes cold-like symptoms.  And not only had he not gotten over his right ear infection, but he now had an infection in both ears as well!  You'd certainly never know it from his demeanor.  

Poor little guy!

We left the doctor's office with a prescription for breathing treatments as well as antibiotic shots - one that day, one on Wednesday & another on Thursday (in case you didn't guess, antibiotic shots are NOT fun!).  

When we arrived home from the doctor's office, Reid ate lunch & went straight down for his nap.  It had already been a long day for the boy, and it wasn't even noon!

First thing's first after nap - our 1st breathing treatment at home (we did one at the dr's office that morning, however, it did NOT go this well).  

Thank you, Special Agent Oso, for instilling a calmness in our little guy (it continues to be his favorite show)!
 Now that the sickly stuff was behind us, we decided to get our NYE party started!

Spent some time with our creative juices
Then we bundled up to expend some energy on our jungle gym.

I think Grandpa Lou's riding lawn mower confused the boy!
We practiced displaying our age
Played a little basketball
And made a few trips outside to play on the jungle gym
(but the boy is hit or miss with a hat/head covering so we couldn't stay out too long)


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Grandma DeeDee said...

Looks like a fun NYE, couldn't tell the warrior was sick. Watch out Dirk - Reid is in the house. Hope he feels better soon. Hugs and Kisses.