Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gruncle Joe's Visit

Great Uncle Joe spent 2 weeks traveling the South Pacific, and we were happy to have him make a pit stop in Dallas en route back to Florida.  

First thing's first - recover from a flight across the international date line.  Mom's taken that exact flight before, so she knew what the recovery would entail.  

Gruncle Joe arrived to Dallas on Thursday evening and proceeded to sleep until 4:00 pm on Friday!  It actually worked out beautifully because mommy and daddy had to work, and Reid had to go to school that day.  

Once he woke on Friday, we all loaded up and headed to one of Gruncle Joe's faves - Mi Cocina.  The guys wanted to start the weekend off right and what better way than with Mexican food and a few Mambo Taxis!

Saturday morning wake up call

Neighborhood walk (it was COLD!)
Our lil' rockstar
Brunch at Pappadeaux's...have I mentioned how good Reid is getting at eating out?  No iPad needed on this occasion (or at Mi Cocina for that matter).
Making wishes in the fountain
Fun with Gruncle Joe

Thanks for coming to see us in Dallas, Gruncle Joe!  We all had a blast.  

Come back soon!


Jeff, Michelle, Reid, Baby A, Baby B, Halley & Hudson


Grandma DeeDee said...

So much love to go around, we are truly blessed. Hugs and Kisses.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Jeff and of course,Reid,

Thanks for hosting me for the weekend. I did not realize how much the flight from Australia would impact me once I arrived to the states so thank you for letting me sleep till 4 p.m. (sorry). I have framed the last pic of Reid and me where he has his hands up laughing. I have it on my office desk by my computer and see him everyday. I could not think of a better place to feel loved and safe while I recovered from my three week adventure. I love you all of you and miss you dearly.

Guncle Joe