Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII

We had our Sunday school small group class over to cheer on the Baltimore Ravens & the San Francisco 49ers as they battled it out during Super Bowl XLVII.  

We love our small group class, and it's an added bonus that we're all in the same general life & times.  Well, almost.  We do have two couples who don't have kiddos {yet}, but man, what troopers they are! You'd never know it from the understanding and patience they have for all of us parents and our littles.

Ready for our guests

Remember these three cuties? They spent last Super Bowl together too.

You can see how much they've grown in a year by looking back at this blog post - Super Bowl XLVI.

You may recall that these three were born in June, July & August of 2011.  Well, their mommies are all expecting babies in 2013!  We're so excited for more fun {crazy} times ahead!

Parker showing Hudson some love
Brooks showed him some love too!
Since the littles dug everything out of the toy box, Reid found this little gem at the bottom.
Not sure Parker loves The Lorax as much as Reid does.
Parker, her mommy & Parker's baby sister (due 2/27/13!)
Our newest, darling addition:  Dylan Elizabeth born 11/14/12 to Ryan, Bryan & Big Brother Sawyer


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Grandma DeeDee said...

What a great way to spend super Bowl Sunday - with friends. Hope ya'll made lots of money on your $1. drinks. Since several are expecting, that probably cut down on the revenue. Did the little warriors have to pay for their drinks too? Hope everyone had fun. Hugs and Kisses.