Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tidings of the Twin-Littles

Although I've neglected the twin-littles on the blog lately, they have certainly been well taken care of and loved in person!  

Their big brother gives them daily hugs and kisses, and daddy and mommy keep them well fed and hydrated.  They seem to be happy little campers, but they sure are lively little fellas!  They move a lot!

One of the things that is different with a twin pregnancy than with a singleton is the number of OB visits and sonograms.  

Additionally, since I'm the oh-so-fun combo of being over 35 (high risk in the OB world) and prego with twins, my OB recommended we see a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor for the first 30 weeks of our pregnancy just to have an expert opinion and stay on the safe side.

Although you won't catch an OB saying a negative word about ultrasound/sonograms, mommy is inheritently against having more sonograms than necessary.  With Reid, we had a total of three throughout my entire pregnancy, and that was it!

But when the OB tells you it's for the safety of the babies, well, what is a mom supposed to say to that!?!  Not to mention, the sono is the only way to really detect both heart beats since the commonly used doppler (externally on the belly) can't distinguish Baby A's heart beat from Baby B's.

So alas, we've had many sonograms thus far, but to look on the bright side - I get to see our sweet babes that much more!    

First thing's first on the sonos - the anatomy shots.  Believe it or not, we've had TWO friends recently (within 2 months of each other) who have been told the sex of their baby (in utero) INCORRECTLY. Yes, in the 21st century no doubt.  

One of my college girlfriends was told she was having a girl (she currently has a 3 year old boy), and come to find out, her babe is actually another boy!  We also have a friend from church (Brooks' mommy) who was told she's having another boy, but lo and behold, it's actually a girl!  Can you believe?

Our little not-so-modest twin-littles have made certain that there's no mistaking their sexual identity:

Baby A is definitely a BOY!
Baby B is definitely a BOY too!
Baby B's profile at 19 weeks

Baby A's face at 19 weeks
This one's for you, Dad - GIG'EM!
Baby B's face at 21 weeks
Baby A's face at 21 weeks
My little Thinker.
At 23 weeks, my maternal fetal medicine doc was proud to point out Baby B's "guns!"  Look at that big bicep of his!
Yes, this IS what it appears to be.  Baby A decided he needed to stretch out a bit, so he's resting his entire leg over Baby B's head and face. 

Baby B doesn't seem to mind much though.  :)


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Grandma DeeDee said...

What exciting pictures. So glad to hear everyone is healthy and on track. Two more little warriors trying to keep up with their big brother. Thanks for sharing. Happy morning to all. Hugs and kisses.