Saturday, May 31, 2014

Corpus Bound

On Sunday, May 4th we loaded up the car and headed southbound on 35 to be with our family as we celebrated a beautiful life well lived.

When we walked in the door from the garage, this is what we found.  ;)  Thanks for thinking of me, Dad & Danice.  Believe it or not, the trip was much less eventful than I imagined it would be.  Thank you, my boys!
First thing's first, there's work to be done.
Smiles for Nana
Cousin time
Practice makes perfect, Brother, and I can already tell that you're going to be one of the Best!

My dad has been blessed to work for such a family-oriented company his entire life. They have always been there through the good times & the sad.

Dig in, Jack!
We celebrated Mother's Day a little early.
TTFN….ta ta for now!

A boy and his milk
A boy and his (brother's) lovie
A boy and his smiles
Let there be sleep!
We had to cancel/postpone/reschedule several work and personal obligations while we were away, so despite the exhaustion we decided not to miss Hunter's and Reid's 5pm haircuts that were scheduled for the day we returned to Dallas.  After a 7 hour car ride, daddy took these two down the road for their appointments and then even braved the grocery store!  Thanks daddy!


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