Saturday, May 3, 2014

Surprise Visitors!

On Wednesday, April 9th Reid, Jack, Hunter and I were going through our normal evening routine and waiting for daddy to get home.  

All three boys were in their chairs enjoying dinner when I got the "call" from Reid. 

"I need to go potty, mommy!"  Right on schedule.  

About half way through the process, I hear the dogs start to bark, so I know….Daddy's home!

But what I didn't know was something that I discovered as I turned around from the stool I was sitting on in the bathroom as I hung out with Reid.  From out of nowhere, Grandma DeeDee appeared in the bathroom doorway!  Aghhh!  

And if I wasn't in enough shock, about 60 seconds later as I walked into the family room from the bathroom, Aunt Jamye appeared in the mudroom doorway!  Needless to say, my heart skipped a few beats!

DeeDee and J coordinated a sneak attack - one flew in from Corpus arriving at about the same time as the other flew in from San Diego, and Jeff picked them both up from the airport after work. 

Here's the best part, Jeff coordinated all this (secretly) with Danice, but what he WASN'T expecting when he arrived at the airport was for Jamye to be there too!  

Their "sneaky, sneaky" made us so "happy, happy!"  :)

Bananas Foster:  A dessert fit for our surprise visitors

Surprise visitors call for surprise FroYo outings after school.

We thought we'd give Jump Street a test run for birthday party venues.
What could have been so exciting that the boy didn't race into Jump Street?  Well, a trash truck sighting of course!


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