Saturday, May 10, 2014

LHCCEC's Easter Egg Hunt

Our last "rehearsal" Easter egg hunt before the real thing was at Reid's school.  Every time I get to spend time around his teachers and administrators, I'm reminded why I love this school so much.

Reid's latest thing - he wants to be the leader.  "Follow me, guys" he says in his sweet, high-pitched voice.

 And they're off!

 Reid's friends Peyton, Rowan (RoRo) & Elliot.
 Just a swingin'…with sweet Peyton.  Ironically enough, Reid went through a short phase that if/when he'd get in trouble at home, in an effort to deflect, he'd say, "Peyton hit me!" Of course, Peyton wasn't even there at the time!
 Reid loves Ms. CoCo.  She calls him Pooky-Bear.  At first I figured she called all the kids that, but upon further inspection, she ONLY calls "her" Reid, Pooky-Bear.
 The Skeeters with Ms. CoCo (Ms. Marshell was out on this day).


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