Sunday, December 28, 2014

18 Month Well Visit

The week after Thanksgiving we made our way to Dr. S's office for the Twin-Littles' 18 month well visit, and I'm happy and so very thankful to report that they passed with a clean bill of health.

Hunter's hemangioma (behind his ear) doesn't seem to be decreasing in size as we'd hoped it would by this point, but we decided to wait until at least his 2nd birthday before going back to see the specialist.  If it doesn't go away on its own, we'll ultimately have to have it surgically removed.  Since we have no plans on doing that anytime soon, we'll just stay in our holding pattern for now.

Thanks to all his hair most people don't even know that Jack has a hemangioma as well. His is much more typical in size and shape than Hunter's, and it's on the crown of his head under that mass of hair! Also unlike his brother's, Jack's hemangioma is fading in color (from red to white) and seems to be going away on its own (as most do).

Other than that, they are thankfully both progressing very well.  Hunter is still (and likely always will be) just a little smaller than Jack.  I will say that their size difference is enough that I frequently get the "are they twins" question.  But I guess that's also partially due to the fact that they look nothing alike!  

Weight:  24 lbs 9 oz - 75th percentile
Height:  31 in.  40th percentile
Head circumference:  47.5 cm  68th percentile

Weight:  22 lbs 14 oz - 51st percentile
Height:  30.2 in. 14th percentile
Head Circumference:  48.3 cm  86th percentile

Checking out the scenery.
This is Hunter's way of saying, "Looook what I'm doing…getting into something I'm (probably) not supposed to.  Let's see if anyone is watching me."


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