Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thanksgiving in Corpus

Although I would never use the word "easy" to describe a 7+ hour drive with three littles under 4, the car ride to Corpus for Thanksgiving was definitely bearable. Everyone did really well until about the last hour of the trip.  They were ready to be out of those car seats to say the least!

Once the twin-littles begin to enjoy watching movies as much as Reid does, it'll be smooth sailing (relatively speaking!) for our Corpus car rides.  Bear with us Corpus family…that day will be here before we know it!  :)

Thought I'd get a picture of the adults while I had the chance.
 Kisses for his newest cousin.
 The boys were enamored with baby Jeremiah.
 Ummm, Hunter.  Maybe you shouldn't play with Nana's "toys" around the itty bitty baby.

 "I'll get you out, Jeremiah!"

 Twin-littles hard at work fixing Nana's computer.

 It *might* be a sign that you spend too much time behind the lens when your 3.5 year old starts mimicking  you.  Reid said, "Click, click…click, click" every time I pressed the shutter release.

 Pep talk from Uncle Sean, "You can do it, Hunter!"

 Still working on breaking THIS habit.


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