Friday, December 26, 2014

Reid's Big Boy Bed: Part 1

Reid did so well sleeping in a big boy bed at Grandpa Lou's and Grandma DeeDee's while we were in Corpus for Thanksgiving that we didn't want to go back to the crib for fear of losing our great momentum.

Just a few minutes after we arrived home on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, dad proceeded to take down Reid's crib and move the big boy bed (aka. mattress) into his room.

The sight of his room without a crib took a few seconds of getting used to, and then he and his brothers went to town breaking it in.  Mommy and daddy were just glad to get that mattress out of the game room once and for all!

I'm happy to report that his first night on the big boy mattress (the actual big boy bed is on his list for Santa) went very well!  He called us back up twice shortly after leaving the room, and that was it.  He slept until 6:30am that first morning, and since then he sleeps consistently until at least 7:00am (and sometimes as late as 8:00am on the weekends).

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