Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

Thanks to an amazing weather forecast and $5 admission in February, the Dallas Arboretum was the place to be last Saturday.  

Fortunately, we went early enough that it wasn't crazy busy while we were there.  We ran, jumped and played and then settled in for a fun picnic lunch to round out the morning.  Just as we were leaving, the park was getting packed with everyone who had the same idea we did.

I was thankful for Jeff's patience as I experimented with my very first time on Manual Mode on my camera.  I was definitely slower at the helm, but I'm excited to forge through this painful period so that I can stay off Auto!
Practicing the art of "freezing" water droplets.

This is Reid having a panic attack over the fact that Jack ran onto the drain cover.
"Moooom! Look at Jack!!!"
I was able to snap a quick pic with my iPhone of all three of them sitting down and smiling, but alas, I'm still not quick enough with the Canon in manual mode.  Jack was off and running before I could get set.

Because of all the pictures I was taking, we were practicing our "happy face" as Reid says.  In the photo below, Jeff said he was practicing his "mad face."  :)

A few more pics from our iPhones:

 Reid wanted to help carry the picnic blanket...
 …but it got a little heavy.
 Picnic time!

 Super Dad!


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