Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Explorer Jack

On Monday, February 9, 2015, Jack became an Explorer at LHCCEC.  Yep, that's right, just Jack!

Jack was promoted to the Explorer's class in Room 211, and his teachers are Ms. Twila and Ms. Hadzira.  

This marks the first time they have officially been separated from each other (for any significant length of time, that is).  Since Jack is "older," he took the first opening in the Explorer's class.  Of course, the next opening will go to Hunter which should be within a month or so.  

So far, our independent twin-littles have done great in their respective classrooms!

I snapped this photo the first day I arrived to pick him up.  He and Christopher were cleaning up their toys.

Unfortunately, the only thing that would have captured the tenderness of this moment would have been a video, but alas, all I got were a few photos.  I picked up Hunter from class first and put him in the stroller.  As I carried Jack from his new classroom to set him in the stroller, he started pointing (very excitedly!) at Hunter and saying "bubu, bubu, bubu!" Translation - brother, brother, brother! 
And then he started waving at him.  This is Hunter's sweet and tender eye squint as if to say "I love you too, bubu" but without ever taking his thumb out of his mouth.  Ha!
I wish the pictures did this encounter better justice.  Jack was just so happy and excited to see his brother!
That's a lot of May birthdays!


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