Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX

We had our 4th annual Super Bowl party with our Sunday School peeps.  

Testing out the equipment the morning of the big game.  This one is for the littles in our group.

Knee kisses for mommy. 
Snuggles from sweet Hunter.
Post nap surprise!  This one is for the bigs in our group.
Although two of the littles were determined to give it a try.  Try as they may, they're not quite old enough to make it all the way up the stairs on their own yet.  That meant fun times were ahead for mommy & daddy. 
Post nap testing of the equipment just minutes before the rest of the crew arrived.

Quinn (Parker's little sister)
Hadley (Brooks' little sister)

The family that slides together, stays together (plus one adorable photo bomber)!

The three amigos - Reid, Parker, Brooks
Daddy & Reid decided to go a few more times after everyone left.
"Look dad!  The moon!"

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