Saturday, July 4, 2015

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April 11th - April 24th

 Our neighbor's tree fell over during a storm, and the boys loved watching the crew cut it down.
Although this is the vantage point that Hunter preferred.
 Miss Jean and Reid

 One of the twin-littles' most favorite thing about Friday evening soccer practice for big brother was the after party at the nearby playground.

 On this particular Saturday morning (as with many of the Saturdays this spring), the Shooting Stars' soccer game was cancelled either because of rain or fields that were too wet from previous rain.

No matter, we made the most of our "free" morning!
 Racing against T-Rex is one of the boys' favorite things to do at the Perot Museum.
 This is a close 2nd.  Need I say it's NOT one of mom and dad's favorite?
 But oh the joy!

 Pre-bedtime reading

 The face of strep.  

The bright side of strep throat? It's treatable!

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