Sunday, July 26, 2015

Two by Two

May 28, 2015  

Jeff and I  are grateful, relieved and truly blessed to have officially made it through TWO years of TWIN parenthood. Phew!

At two years old, there are so many things I could say about our newly coined toddlers (who Reid still calls his "babies"), but I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

Jack Rhodes
aka. Jack-Jack, Jackie

Still the feistier of the pair
But definitely gives the best hugs!
Still the bigger of the pair and likely always will be.
He'll eat fruits & some veggies but he prefers the carnivorous lifestyle.
Full of energy and excitement
But enjoys quiet time playing alone at the train table.
Loooves to clean but especially loves to sweep.
Still takes a paci but mostly just to sleep.
Sleeps well, wakes up happy and ready to run.
Is definitely the flirt in the family!
He's also our resident disciplinarian of both his brothers and his dogs.
Believe it or not, he's initially reserved with new experiences but typically warms up fast.
He's a talker but not the easiest to understand...yet.
Developmentally he's the more physically-inclined and coordinated of the two.
He has a smile to die for and a heart of GOLD!

Hunter Stone
aka. Hunter-goose, Hunter the Grunter

Still the more laid back of the pair
But he does have his moments!
Still the smaller of the pair and likely always will be.
Loooves to "help" with just about anything.
Some of his faves are laundry, passing out milk cups to his brothers, throwing diapers in the garage trash can, wiping up spills and feeding Hudson.
He'd sleep his life away if we let him but since we don't, he's typically slow to wake and cranky!
Has a dimple to die for.
Mimics everything (and I mean everything!) his big brother, Reid, does.
He's still attached to his lovies and his thumb but mostly just while sleeping.
Sad to say that he's the accident-prone one (we're going to start practicing a little mind over body!).
He's become our most daring of dare-devils (not such a good combo with the above trait).
He's definitely the best about enunciating
and he enjoys repeating every word his mom, dad and big brother say.
He's possibly the sweetest boy we've ever met.

Birthday balloons with breakfast!

 One last pic (while they're clean!) before heading to school
 Then around 9:00am I received THE call from school - Mr. Hunter threw up in the cafeteria during breakfast. Yes, this kid is "sick."
 Or maybe he just wanted to go with mommy to pick up Mimi?
 And possibly wanted to soak up some alone time on his big day?
Yes, he vomited a mere 2 hours prior to this, yet he's drinking MILK. Let it be known that the boy did not have another incident all day.  Let it also be known that mom and dad later discovered (when this happened again the following week) that the yogurt Hunter was eating at breakfast time wasn't settling well in his little tummy.  Did I mention that Jack has the hard-core stomach of the two?

Happy 2nd Birthday, Twin-Littles!


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