Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Seven Months!

Dear Reid,

You continue to amaze your father and me every single day.  For only being on this earth for seven months, your beautiful spirit is already so developed.  I've always believed that although environment definitely plays a role in the person each of us will become, everyone is born with an inherent genetic makeup that defines our character and personality from birth. If this is in fact true, then you're starting your life on the right {correct} foot.  It's obvious to everyone who knows you that you are definitely an extrovert, and although I'm not sure where you'll fall on the rest of the Myers-Briggs scale, I know one thing is for sure - your presence brings joy and happiness to so many (and I'm not just saying that because I'm your mother).  Simply read through all your blog comments from our loving family and friends, and you'll know right away that what I'm saying is true. You light up our lives, Reid Louis, and your dad and I will do all that we can to light up yours.  

Stay in the Light.


The Reid Report:
  • After your six month birthday, we began transitioning you from breast milk to formula, and you're taking the formula like a champ...a chunky champ!
  • Daddy taught you a new trick this month...High Five!  You are such a fast learner!
  • We've continued our exploration of all things pureed, and as of now there are two foods you're not too fond of - carrots & turkey.  Mommy tasted {of course} the pureed turkey, and I have to admit, it was a little weird.
  • You're getting better at grasping small items such as yummy puffs.  You have the hand to mouth routine figured out too.
  • You are more vocal than I imagined possible for a baby at 7 months.  You're so very talkative and expressive, and your precious personality warms my heart.  
  • You took your second trip to Corpus, but this time it was a road trip.  Your first!  Daddy and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.  Luckily, we had your Great Uncle Joe's help with you in the back seat. The four of you {yes, I said FOUR - you, your great uncle and your two pups} did wonderfully well cuddled up in the back seat for seven hours each way!  You're such a road warrior already.  
  • Of course, you experienced your first Christmas and your first New Year's Eve.  What fun you had even at 6.5 months.  I can only imagine what next year will be like.
  • You love to roll all over the place!  Floor time is one of your favorite pastimes nowadays.
  • You experienced your first illness this month that mommy shared on this blog post.
  • As far as sleeping is concerned, there's no real consistency these days.  Your best case scenario - you sleep through the night with absolutely no intervention.  You did this for five nights in a row a week ago.  Your worst case scenario - you require anywhere from one to four paci/soothing sessions throughout the night.  And on one night (last night...yawn!), you were not having the sleep thing whatsoever!  Thankfully, your grandparents were still in town from your baptism, so mommy and daddy had lots of help. Otherwise, it would have been an even longer night than it already was. We're hoping last night's experience was just a fluke that was a result of a couple of other factors.  More on that later....
Happy Seven Months, sweet boy!

Aunt Jamye and Grandma DeeDee helped with Reid's seven month photos, and as they are my witnesses, we did NOT put him in these different positions.  He proceeded to roll around the chair all by himself.  I think my days of containing this little guy are just about over!

Classic relaxed Reid:  hands behind his head

Reid's seven month birthday was an extra special day for our family.  It was Hudson's birthday too!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Hudson!
We love you!



Anonymous said...


You are so blessed to have your mom and dad journal your life story. It will be great for you to read and know all about the different chapters in your life.
Please let your mother know that my heart just lights up whenever I read "Stay in the Light" in your blog...It is the best compliment your mom could ever give her uncle..I know when it is my turn to go to heaven, your mother will keep my spirit alive, everytime she tells you..."Stay in the Light"

Gruncle Joe

Grandma DeeDee said...

Such a big blessing in such a small package. Life is so short when there is so much fun and love. Hugs and Kisses.