Monday, January 16, 2012

The Sick Door...Round Two

Reid was battling a cough for several days before his baptism weekend.  It was just a cough though, so there wasn't much we could do about it. On Sunday after all the excitement of his baptism, he vomited {formula first then tylenol} for the first time ever - not counting spit up of course - and he had his first fever ever {101°}.  So the next day {MLK day} we headed back through the sick door at Reid's pediatrician's office.

To mommy's dismay it turned out the boy had at least two issues - acute bronchitis and a left ear infection.  He may very well have had a right ear infection too, but his ear was too clogged for Dr. L to see anything.  Since we were starting him on antibiotics anyway, we figured it was best just to let the ear gunk clear out on its own.  

Dr. L - "I can dig it out of his ear if you'd like. Then we'll know for sure whether or not he has a right ear infection as well."
Mom - "Um, thank you, but I think we'll pass on the digging."

So we headed home with a prescription for his very first round of antibiotics {sigh}, probiotics to counteract the effects of the antibiotic, pedialyte for hydration, and the oh-so-fun saline & suction routine.

I do want to point out that despite the boy's unfortunate condition, he was as cheery and happy as a baby could be.  After checking out at the pediatrician's office, I walked out the sick door to find granddad swinging the boy back and forth {and high...apparently} in his car seat.  Evidently, it was an LOL moment for him and the rest of the gang.  That's my {sick} boy!  Mommy loves that you're already a tough little warrior.  Some say men are babies when they're sick.  Au contraire, my baby is a MAN when he's sick!  Love you, sweet boy!

I guess this photo should have clued us in to the ear infection



HOPE said...

Reid you are so lucky to have such an intelligent mama. You are in good hands my sweet reid. Oh how I love you. Nana

Grandma DeeDee said...

What a happy little guy, even when he's sick, (and Reid, tell your mommy to stop calling you "the boy" especially since you've proven that your a man, i.e. tough little warrior). I have a feeling this little warrior won't be afraid of anything .... sound like anyone you know, or should I say any two someones you know. Hope both infections clear up soon. Hugs and Kisses.