Friday, January 13, 2012

Reid's 1st Haircut

"PLEASE MOM, don't let her cut my hair!"
{notice the hair over both of his ears???}
Dad, Danice & Anthony arrived in town late Thursday night in preparation for Reid's big day this Sunday.  What they didn't know is that Jamye was flying in from San Diego on Friday afternoon.  They thought she wasn't going to be able to make it. Jeff picked her up from Love Field when he got off work, and the two of them headed to the salon to meet the rest of us for the big surprise and for Reid's first haircut. This is the moment right after Jeff & Jamye walked into the salon. Two parents in say the least.  :)
~head of hair~
Hmmm, I wonder who Reid got his hair from???  Other than the color, they're a perfect match!
My handsome men
Someone does not approve
"What is this lady doing to me?"
" there are puffs involved?"
"Okay, maybe it's not so bad after all."
After Reid's 1st haircut we headed around the corner to Mariano's for dinner to celebrate Anthony's 17th birthday (a day late).

Happy Birthday, little {BIG} brother!  ;)
Here's my little trooper.  This shot was taken just 20 minutes prior to his bed time, and he's still smiling away.  Such a champ!



Grandma DeeDee said...

Looks like another first for Big Reid. He looks so cute with his new haircut. What a trooper. Hugs & Kisses.

Chance and Kristi Wimberly said...

Such a cutie pie!! I am dying to "trim" Ashlyn's hair and her daddy won't let me! HELP!