Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 16 Months!

The Reid Report:
  • Tomatoes and blueberries are still at the top of my food list, but I've added a couple of new favorite fruits - pineapple and especially raspberries.  I kick my legs in my highchair and get very excited when I see mom pull out the container of raspberries!
  • I'm using a plate now, and most of the time I leave it right side up on my highchair tray.
  • I've also started "using" a fork.  This one is a work in progress, but mom and dad think it's interesting to note that I typically hold the fork with my left hand and pick my food up with my right hand {they're so easily entertained nowadays}.
  • I still love every chance I can get to ride on my Little Trike, and of course, I just love being outside in general.
  • Playing with my train table is definitely my favorite pastime right now, but it's a little messy for mom and dad because I also love to throw anything and everything.
  • I still enjoy reading.  If mom is sitting on the floor, I'll grab a book and plop down on her lap so she can read it to me.  Mom thinks this is why my teachers say that I like to "sit" on the other kids at school.  I say - at least I'm not biting them!  :)
  • Speaking of biting, I've been bitten at school three (3) times now, but I don't even cry.  One time, I sat on one of my friends (all out of love of course), so s/he bit me on my upper back.  I just let out a little scream and got up and walked away.
  • All of a sudden, I like to carry around my lovies (and not just sleep with them).  This may be the bain of dad's existence right now.  I heard mom remind him that "it's just a phase."  Whatever that means!
  • On a not-so-happy note, I've discovered a handy little technique which I call "communication" but mom and dad call "tantrums."  All I know is it gets their attention!  I think mom included a photo for show and tell below.
  • Just a couple of days ago, I decided it was time to increase my talking {aka. babbling}, and once I started, I can't be stopped!  I've mastered my very own Reid Language!
  • On that note, I added a sound to my animal noises repertoire - I know what a cow, dog & fish say.
  • My new favorite word - "Uh-oh."  Mom and dad think this is so cute {remember I told you they were easily entertained?).
  • And as you can see in one of the pictures below, my favorite hand gesture and game is "Where'd it go??"
  • Mom and dad are happy to announce that {when I'm in the right mood}, I can take direction fairly well (i.e. "Reid, please take this paper towel to your dad.").  I actually do it!
  • I'm quite strong, and I love to help daddy with the big jobs around the house - like moving/installing a new dryer for mom.  :)

My little Titleist

 You can find the boy walking around like this often nowadays

 Taking a break (lasted approximately 3 seconds).  This one wasn't a tantrum.

 Looking for daddy downstairs
 Helping dad install the new dryer
 But something went awry....
 Hudson gets SO upset anytime Reid is upset
 "Where'd it go???"
 Eating off his plate like a big boy (notice the tomatoes are already history)


Grandma DeeDee said...

Such an expressive face for such a young warrior, can't wait til he can tell us what he's thinking. Love those eyes. Hugs and Kisses.

Jamye Renae Whetstone said...

Loved your sixteen month Reid Report! Sixteen months? Did I really just say that? Wow. Loved all the great pictures as well. Reid looks so happy and playful!