Sunday, October 7, 2012

Road Trip

Last weekend, we piled into the car and headed south to New Braunfels for my cousin Jimmy's {and his lovely wife Ashley's} wedding reception. 

First order of business on Friday, lunch with Great Aunt Lorraine, Great Uncle Bobby & Cousin Kristi {Cousin William was at school}.  

Our visit wouldn't be complete without a mini photo shoot compliments of Great Aunt Lorraine!

My little ham
Love this one!

After our visit with the Aguirres, we headed north to New Braunfels.  Uncle James rented an awesome "Penthouse" so the family could be together for Jimmy's & Ashley's wedding reception weekend.  

It was wonderful!
 Cousin Penny is due in February, and this's a BOY!
 The picture below may not appear to be blog-worthy, but I'm including it because this is Reid's very first {and hopefully last for a while} fast food meal.  Actually, it was just a few pieces of chicken nuggets which I'm happy to report he didn't like very much.  

We were eating on-the-go from New Braunfels back to Dallas on Sunday.

The boy is still not a very good car traveler {needs constant entertainment}, but we were lucky enough to have Aunt Jamye along for the ride back.  That made the road trip much more pleasurable.  Thanks Aunt Jamye!

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Grandma DeeDee said...

We had such a fun weekend visiting with all the Andersens(and family) in such an awesome place. Uncle James outdid himself. Reid is growing up so much. We are so grateful for all the blog post to help keep us in the loop, thanks again mom and dad. Hugs and Kisses.