Sunday, October 28, 2012

Delta Halloween Party

Friday afternoon Reid and I visited dad's office for the Delta Halloween Party.  Delta was founded {15 years ago} on Halloween, so everyone goes all out to celebrate this day.  

Each of the departments decorates their floor/area, and the result is a Halloween treat for the kiddos and parents alike.

Our little spider certainly enjoyed himself!  

Spider meet spider
He found a ninja turtle friend
Fun in the balloon room!
Reid's 1st Haunted House {mommy made sure there were no surprises in store}

1st {indoor} hayride
1st ever turn at trick-or-treating

He got the hang of picking up the candy and putting it in his bucket very quickly!
You would have had to see this to believe it, but Reid LOVED Elmo!  He couldn't stop pointing at him, smiling at him, talking to him....

....he even kept wanting to get close and give him hugs.  So cute!
Look at that spider's form!


Anonymous said...

Reid is adorable but Elmo doesnt look happy being that could be Reid's next Halloween outfit...where do you find such cute outfits?

Gruncle Joe

Grandma DeeDee said...

That smile just keeps getting cuter and cuter, oops - handsomer. Since Reid got the hang of trick or treating does he get to taste the candy too? (watch out world). Gruncle Joe is right, Elmo doesn't look too happy, but Reid is all smiles. Hope they had grown-up treats too. Hugs and Kisses.