Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jack & Hunter Go To School

Although we were very sad to say goodbye to Miss Maggie, we knew it was time for more stimulation and a change of environment for the twin-littles.

After 15 months being cooped up in our house, they were ready to explore the world...or at least ready to explore LHCCEC.  :)

Monday, September 15, 2014, was supposed to be Jack & Hunter's first day of school in the Steppers class at LHCCEC.  It turned out to only be Jack's first official day at LHCCEC.

When Jeff got Hunter out of his crib that Monday morning, he noticed that Hunter had thrown up at some point during the night.  Hunter then proceeded to vomit while sitting in his high chair.  There wasn't much fan fare about the vomit session, and he wasn't running a temperature, so we proceeded with (our new) "normal" by getting the boys dressed and ready for school.  

Since it was their first day of school EVER, mommy and daddy were both going along for drop off. As you may have guessed, our little guy threw up again in the car on the 3 minute drive to school.  

Upon arrival, we dropped off Reid and Jack, and mommy took Hunter straight to the pedi's office.  He threw up one more time upon arrival at the pedi's office (for good measure, I'm sure).

Let it be known that that was the LAST time he threw up for the remainder of the day.  Yep, he's a genius and knew just how to get out of going to school!

Does this look like a sick kid to you?
No one around to take his toys!
Hanging with Hudson in a very quiet house.
Tuesday, September 16, 2014 
-The Real Day One-

Notice how calm and cool the twin-littles are in this photo that I snapped right BEFORE they noticed I was there to pick them up?
 This is what ensues as soon as they see me.  Now that's a welcome reception if I've ever seen one!

When I picked up the boys on Thursday, their teacher, Ms. Shelly said, "I'm sorry to have to tell you that Jack was BIT today {long pause} by Hunter!"  Haha!  I reminded her that she's not supposed to tell the parents of the bitee who the biter was.  :)

If they ever leave their names off their Daily Reports, all one has to do is check the number of BMs in a day.  Hunter is the Master BMer!  You'll notice that on their first official day, the teachers didn't circle how long either of them slept.  I'll give you one guess why.
The next day I was glad they at least got 30 minutes of sleep.
For never being in group care before, I give these boys a LOT of credit.  By Thursday, they were doing much better throughout the day and sleeping like rockstars.  We still have one area that is a work in progress - mealtimes.

Jack's 1st Artwork
 Hunter's 1st Artwork


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