Saturday, October 25, 2014

When Daddy's Away…

His boys will play! 

Daddy's annual trip to College Station meant mommy got to spend quality time with her {very active and mobile!} boys all weekend.

Fortunately, they were all {mostly} happy campers, so it was fairly uneventful with just a few tears here and there.

We didn't get any photos from our trip to Bake & Play because….well…let's just say that one adult, three BOYS under four and no confinement doesn't leave much time for a camera.

In his absence, daddy sent the boys some sweet treats and balloons.  Mommy enjoyed the sweet treats, and the boys loved their balloons!

Red for Reid (still his favorite color)
Hunter green - he's always trying to be just like his big bro.

And blue for Jack (to match his eyes).  He wasn't too happy that I tied his balloon to his car.
Morning smiles!  On both mornings, everyone slept until 7:15am for mommy.  :)
"Walk away, Hunter!"  ….and he just smiles.
So much for having two - one for each babe.
I sent this pic to daddy to show him that Hunter was lounging at Super Target, but I think I scared him because he texted back "Jack?"  Heehee.
So I sent this photo too.

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