Sunday, November 9, 2014

Barrett's 1st Birthday Bash

It's hard to believe that Cousin Barrett is already ONE!   The Andersen Family had a blazing fun time at Barrett's 1st birthday bash!

 Birthday Boy, Barrett
Hunter's doning his dad's adorable cowboy boots (thank you, Grandma JoJo!).  Reid had a pair of dad's old cowboy boots on too, but Hunter was the only one who would leave them on for any length of time (aka. long enough for mom to get a photo).
Hunter spent most of his time happy as could be in the wagon.
 Apparently, this kid doesn't have enough juice in his life.
 Barrett's counting to make sure he got all his candles.
 "Hmmm, let's see…"
 "I think I'll just pick the whole thing up..."
 "…and shove it in!"
 "Yes, very effective, indeed!"

 Soon-to-be a big brother, Cooper
 Grandpa Kim can chorale all 3 all by himself! 

 The sun in their eyes would lead you to believe that they weren't having fun, but they couldn't get enough of this little slide that was just their size! It's amazing that Grandma JoJo was able to get them to actually sit still for one moment while mommy snapped a quick picture.

 It's always a riot trying to get the kiddo group shot at a little person's birthday party.

 "Cheese" is just NOT gonna cut it for the WANTED poster.

That's more like it!

Outlaw Cousins - one BAD bunch!

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