Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Weekend Fun

For some people, our schedule last weekend might seem like a recipe for exhaustion, but for us (mom & dad), it's a recipe for our sanity.

Since quality time with the littles during the work week is few and far between, we realized that the best way to enjoy the precious time we have with our children over the weekends is to stay active.

Why?  Because the boys go absolutely bonkers if we keep them confined to the house all day.

So here's a peek inside an Andersen Family weekend:

Saturday early AM - Mom takes Reid to a school friend's birthday party (love the 9am birthday parties!)

Saturday late AM - Mom & Reid meet Dad & the twin-littles at the Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA Halloween Carnival right up the road at one of the nearby elementary schools

Saturday 1:00pm - 3:30/4:00pm - Nap time (synchronized now…life-changing to say the least!)

Saturday PM - Wallace Elementary Country Fair

Sunday AM - Sunday School & Church

Sunday 1:00pm - 3:30/4:00pm - Nap time

Sunday PM - Lake Highlands United Methodist Church Trunk or Treat

Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA

In case you're wondering, that's an apple in Hunter's mouth.

 My precious Captain America.  Sweetest child I've ever met.
Trying to share with mommy.

 Ya'll, I'm officially worried.  I can't tell you how many photos I have of this kid looking at other children who aren't related to him with a look of absolute disgust.  Hang tight…I'll show you a few more like this.  Not sure what he's thinking, and frankly, I'm afraid to find out!
 Yep, that's us.  Breaking Rule #1 of the "For Your Safety" rules.

Wallace Elementary Country Fair

This grossed me out in so many ways, but the boys had a BALL at this mini-petting zoo {thank goodness for antiseptic hand rubs}.
They wouldn't let go of these brushes for the animals. ICK!

They all fell in love with this bunny!  In fact as Jeff is my witness, here's what Reid kept saying in that soft, high pitched tone he so sweetly uses:

"I love you, bunny.  You're so cute!" And then he looks at me and asks, "Can I please take this bunny home?"
Remember "that look" I referred to earlier?  Exhibit B:
After what seemed like forever in the petting zoo area, we began to move the twin-littles to the other side of the fence so that we could venture to other areas of the Wallace Country Fair.  First Jack tried to climb back in, and when that didn't work….
Power in numbers.
Needless to say, we caved.

Lake Highlands UMC Trunk or Treat

Jack had to stay home with daddy because he woke up with a fever.

Superman and Batman became quick buds on the big slide.  They went up in tandem at least 4 times.
Reid's sweet friend, Ali.  They are both Grasshoppers at LHCCEC.

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