Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Perot Museum - Our 2nd Home

We have a yearly membership to the Perot Museum, and frankly, I think it may have been the best entertainment purchase we've ever made for the boys.  Makes me think they would enjoy memberships to all the fun that Dallas has to offer over toys any day…wink, wink.

This truly is our 2nd home on the weekends.  The boys are {somewhat} free to run and play at will, and they love it!  Much more liberating than being cooped up at home on the weekends.

The children's play area is a replica of popular Dallas sites - the Farmer's Market is one of our favorite areas to play in.

 This just so happens to be mom and dad's (and every mom and dad's) least favorite exhibit in the children's play area.  Mommy has a good friend who is a director at the museum though, so there's a chance we can eventually DO something about this exhibit. Heehee!


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