Thursday, December 19, 2013

iphone ipurge

Upon our return from San Diego, we decided to start feeding the twin-littles "solid" food.  Although it appears from the first picture that the avocados were a hit, you'll quickly see they weren't received very well after all.  

We discovered later that it was mom and dad's fault all along…we didn't puree the avocados enough for our sweet little guys.  One would think these were our first children.  Ha!

Concentrated, head-down lawn mowing…just like his daddy!
"Look, mom…hands!"

I walked into Reid's classroom to pick him up from school, and I found him with this moose cap on.  He ran up to me and in the cutest voice said, "I'm a moose, mom!  I'm a moose!"
Daniel Tiger wanted one last appearance before being put away in the attic.
This wig came with the Madagascar DVD that Aunt Amy got Reid for Christmas last year.  Reid wanted nothing to do with it, but it appears Jack is happy to take Reid's hand-me-downs.

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