Monday, December 23, 2013


To accommodate all the little rascals who were celebrating their very 1st Thanksgiving, Grandpa Kim and Grandma JoJo agreed to come to Dallas for the holiday. 

Jeff and I were so excited to host our very first Thanksgiving on Larchcrest!

Keeping all the babes in their routines made for a fun-filled, {mostly} peaceful celebration with the fam.  They certainly won't always be that peaceful, but we'll take it whenever we can get it.  Check back again when all FOUR of the boys are MOBILE. Oh and brace yourself!

Sweet baby Barrett

Ready (and oh so grateful) for our Thanksgiving feast!

Although Jo Ann is fully capable of slaving all day over a brilliant holiday meal, she's just as smart as she is talented in the kitchen.  

Now that there are grandchildren to attend to, she's made it a tradition to order La Madeleine for dinner.  It's been fabulous every time and definitely a lot less maintenance.

Well, I guess there was some homemade food being eaten in our house.

Reid is going to be the best team captain ever!

Look what Jack found!

Not too shabby considering there are FOUR littles under three in this photo!
Can anyone see why this one wouldn't be suitable for a Christmas card???


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