Friday, December 6, 2013

Jamye's & Brent's Wedding Weekend : Day 1

There's only one reason Jeff and I would be brave {or maybe that's not the right word?} enough to take our entire family of five (with three littles under three) on a plane all the way to San Diego, CA - to attend the wedding of the year, of course!

We've been anticipating this weekend ever since Jamye & Brent announced their engagement (actually, even before that!).  It's no secret that I think my sister is a wonderfully amazing sister and friend, but in case you didn't know it, I adore her new hubby too!  And as anyone who knows me well can attest to, I can be a tough judge.  

Brent, we couldn't be happier to have you in our family!

It was a beautiful weekend filled with family, friends & a lot of LOVE!   

This was us on Halloween morning…loaded up and about to pull out of the garage.  My oh-so-sweet Aunt Lanie joined us on our trip.  She wins the Nanny-of-the-Year Award!  We truly couldn't have done it (at least not as smoothly) without her!
Getting ready to board the plane for his 2nd trip to San Diego

Hunter's first plane ride…sweet boy slept a good portion of the way!
When he wasn't sleeping, he was winning over the flight attendants with his 5 month old charm!

Jack's very first plane ride

First thing's first upon arrival - Bridal Shower time!  I love these two beautiful ladies!
Uncle Charlie & Dad

Danice's message makes me tear up every time I read it!
Grandma Jo Anne & Lanie
Jamye & Aunt Sandi

Jamye & Amanda
Jamye & her sweet college friend, Ashley (who also lives in SD & is dating a marine!)
Grandma Jo Anne, Lanie & Jamye
Amanda, Aunt Sandi, Sarah & Jamye

The Ohio State garter…supportive of her groom's loyalties even before they were married! :)
My sis' soon-to-be MIL, Robin
Grandma Linda, Jamye & her new SIL Allison
Party crashers!
Jamye & Ashley
What I love most about Aunt Carmen's message is that she not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk.  She's always happy, and her laugh is infectious!

Cole, Ashley, Jimmy & Aunt Carmen
Caught in the act!  Anthony was distraught over the fact that unlike in Texas, you can't legally drink underage in your parent's company.  But that certainly didn't stop him from trying!
FOB, Bride, MOB
The Fam (minus the two hubbies & the three little rascals)
And dad trying to "hide" his wine glass…not sure why!
Smooches for the lovely Bride
Real nice, Anthony!

This brings Day 1 to a close…so much more wedding fun to come!  

Stay tuned….


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