Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jamye's & Brent's Wedding Day

Anyone wanna guess who these guys were rooting for?

In case you haven't guessed it, this is my FAVORITE photo of the entire weekend. It doesn't get more stunning than this!

wedding crasher!
 Let the ceremony begin. If you're wondering how we got photog-quality shots when we were all supposed to be IN the wedding, you can thank our wonderful nanny, Aunt Lorraine.  Despite her stellar credentials, the nanny gig isn't her day job.  Thanks for capturing these moments for us, Aunt Lanie!

He did it!  Oh the power of a lollipop!  And the balloons were the bride's brilliant idea. Brilliant!

 Free at last!
 Party of Five

 Another wedding crasher
 My handsome men.  This is how they passed the time as we waited for the shuttle to take us to the reception.

Reid had more lollipops on this day than he's had on every other day of his life put together! Thankfully, they did their job well!

"Check me out, mom…no car seat!"  Thanks to Poppy & Jo Anne, Reid got to attend his aunt and uncle's wedding reception.  He had a blast for an hour or so, and then he and his great grandparents went "home" for the night.
The Happy Couple
Bride and FOB

Groom and MOG
 More photobombs

Brent's sister, Allison, and the other ring bearer, Landon.

 Shriver Party of Two

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