Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1st Day of Day Care

Yesterday was the BIG day, and in an effort to be frank for all those new, working moms out there, I have to report that the experience was even tougher than I anticipated. Combine that with a stressful work day, and you have one emotional mama.  I just kept telling myself, we'll get through this...we'll get through this.  I think I was just chanting "we'll" in an effort to make myself feel better.  It was really just me who needed to get through anything.  My two men did great!

This is Jeff "dropping Reid off at school" BEHIND the gate.  It reminded me of the Michael Jackson balcony stunt. My sweet hubby was putting forth his best efforts to make me laugh.  Thanks babe!

About to walk in the door.  Notice Reid doesn't seem phased in the least bit.

This is the computer where we clock him in and out each day.  Think it's happenstance that there is a box of tissue right next to it?  I think not.  Feelings justified.

"No daddy!  Don't leave me here!"  Or at least that's what mommy imagined he was thinking.

There are five infant classrooms, and Reid's in Class 1.  I'm happy to report that although they can have more in each class, his room currently only has five infants with two teachers - Miss Connie & Miss Kim.  
Thank you, God.  I know that is your blessing for me.

Again, you know what I imagined he was thinking here.

Same here, but this time it's "save me mom!"  I think there were tears by this point.  Actually, I know there were tears by this point.  I was trying my hardest not to embarrass daddy though.  :)

Reid's crib.  You can't see it, but they also have a family photo of the three of us taped to the inside of his crib.  So sweet.

First hand off to Miss Connie.  Does mommy appreciate the fact that Miss Connie has 18 years experience in child care?  I.Think.So.

Mommy made it until 4:00pm (mostly because of work...I didn't have a choice).  Someone is happy to be going home!

Made it home.

We survived the 1st day of day care.  Thank you to all my amazing family and friends for all your calls, texts & FB posts of encouragement!  And a special thanks goes to my friend, Kristi.  Her daughter attends this child care center, and thanks to Kristi's funny stories of her 1st day drop off experience, I felt a little more justified and a little less insane.  Also, Kristi texted me around 5pm to say she tried to check on Reid, but he was already gone.  Haha!  Thanks Kristi!  You have no idea how much you helped yesterday.  All my love!



Hope said...

Sweet Reid !! He will be fine,he is little and he will adjust fast. But, Michelle, I feel your pain, when you hurt, I do too.You are strong, and tears are OK, there are not a sign of weakness !! I love you, it'll get better.

Ben and Abby said...

SO GLAD that you guys did okay! :) And how cute is his crib...adorable!!! He'll love the other babies and I'm very, very glad that you and Kristi have your babes at the same place. How comforting and wonderful. :) It's almost Friday! Kinda! :)

Chance and Kristi Wimberly said...

Awe...thanks Michelle!