Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy halloween!

The wonderful Meierhofer family invited us to their Halloween block party (complete with a fire pit for roasting marshmallows, bobbing for apples & a bounce house!).  Even though our bedtime is 7:00pm, we decided it was worth being a little late {and potentially creating a long night with little sleep} in order to show off the dinosaur to his most loyal fans.  I'm happy to report we had a great time, and the munchkin, errr I mean the dinosaur still made it to bed by 7:15pm.  Thanks Meierhofer family!

Ava is going to be such a wonderful sitter.  She's such a sweet soul!
Side note:  Ava was Reid's age when she & Jeff first met in '04.  :)
 Loving all the attention
 Slade couldn't get enough of Reid.  He kept saying "bebe, bebe!"
 What great friends they will grow up to be!
 The elusive Miss Liz.  Little social butterfly was tough to catch on camera.
 So cute!
 Beautiful mom & son
 Holding up the barricade

 Our Lil' Dinosaur

Fist bumping
 This lil' dinosaur melts my heart!



Hope said...

I am very happy that I am able to see Reid growing, this will have to do until I get to hug him and kiss him again.

Jamye Renae Whetstone said...

<3 Family fun! I miss your little dinosaur!