Saturday, November 19, 2011

Name That Skill

Mimi calls it "blowing kisses."  Grandma & Grandpa Andersen call it "sugars."  Mom & dad call it "blowing bubbles."  Let's just hope his teacher doesn't call it "spitting!"



Grandma DeeDee said...

Never knew that blowing bubbles was a whole face work-out, but Reid makes it look like fun. Hugs and Kisses.

Hope said...

I call that "teething" itchy gums.

Anonymous said...


I remember when you were Reid's age and how my heart would smile everytime I would see you. My heart still smiles the same way it did back then and it smiles when I see you now using my mantra...Stay in the Light...please continue to use that for the rest of you will always keep my spirit alive..

I Love You...

Stay in the Light,

Uncle Joe