Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome Sweet Potatoes

We started our third round of solid foods today with the yummy sweet potato - the Japanese sweet potato that is {thank you, Central Market!}. On the outside they look like the common red-skinned vegetable, but upon peeling them we learned they are actually a white-fleshed variety.  Oddly enough, they turn green when pureed.  They are definitely sweet and tasty though, and the boy enjoyed them immensely!  

In the photo below, Reid's laughing at his daddy who's telling him how BIG his poop is going to be. Yes, this is our typical conversation over breakfast nowadays.  Stimulating, I know.


1 comment:

Grandpa Lou said...

So his new nickname is "the boy" ok, it fits!!! I would like to amend it a little and call him
"the big boy", especially with his new found skills.