Friday, November 25, 2011

Reid's 1st Thanksgiving

Dear Reid,

On your very 1st Thanksgiving and on our 1st Thanksgiving as parents, you should know that mommy and daddy are most thankful for your safe and healthy arrival into our lives.  On this day and every day we acknowledge the many blessings God has bestowed upon our family.  As dad summed up on our way home from Arlington last night, "Reid was surrounded by so many of his loving family members today, and that wasn't even half of them!"  We both comment all the time how lucky we each are to have married into such wonderful, loving, supportive families, and now we have the joy of sharing those families with you.  To say we're "thankful" is the understatement of the century. Our cup runneth over and over.

Stay in the Light.


You and your great grandfather.  He's a natural.
 As your dad so affectionately calls them - your Gruncle Guy & your Graunt Kathleen
 Mommy, son & Sophie of course!
 Rubbing Poppy's head for good luck

 Learning how to take a self portrait with grandpa's iPhone
 Chatting with grandma

Grandma couldn't resist breaking out a few early Christmas presents.  Reid loved the stacking cups! 

Before heading back to Dallas, we made a pit stop at the Brazeal's house to visit with their family.  So fun!  Reid and Larkin hadn't played together since their 1st play date. You can read about it and about the Andersen/Brazeal family legacy here. 

Can you guess what {or who} they're looking at?
 Love these sweet boys!
 Larkin & his beautiful mommy
 Justin & Reid



Hope said...

Spending Thanksgiving Day with loving family - Priceless !!

Aunt Jenn said...

Reid had a FUNNN Thanksgiving!! Love his Sweet Smile!

Elizabeth said...

Love these pics! I just posted some too on my blog...and there is a very cute one of the boys looking up at Sophie- it looks like they are looking up at a very cute girl!

Grandma DeeDee said...

After seeing Reid with his Grandpa and Poppy, I can see where he gets his big smile. What a lovely first Thanksgiving. Hugs and Kisses.